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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Level-Up By Reading the News

Or should I say, badge-up? Google badges may have been overshadowed by the release of google+ but it's another one of those simple but ingenious ideas coming from my favorite company. Earn badges by reading the news.

The idea is similar to the system used in games like World of Warcraft, a most addicting game, where you level-up your character by accumulating experience points, achieving missions, and doing quests.

Google applies the same incentive structure to reading and hopes that it would increase readership. It's unique; you level-up yourself by reading more. Now imagine if this catches on, and people would read more, get more fun out of this task, with the same intensity that gamers play their RPG games. Public awareness would increase. And perhaps those history teachers would not have such a hard time convincing their students to master their current affairs.

Now if only there was a way to apply the same addicting incentives to work. Imagine what could happen to productivity if workers attacked their tasks with the same gusto as World of Warcraft players to combat their online enemies. That would be the day.


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